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Lockable Present Ornament

3D model description

Instead of putting your presents beneath the tree, why not put them on the tree?

This is an ornament that also functions as a reusable present box. It's lockable with a nice ornate key. In addition to the key, the ribbons also hold the lid on and add an extra puzzle nature to the box. It can be a fun challenge for young kids to try to figure out how to open it.

I'm using this with my kids and they are very intrigued about what might be in the box. They're already asking for the key! I'm planning to put the keys in their stockings.

Check out the video for how it works and how to assemble:

3D printing settings

Watch the video for assembly instructions.

If you are printing with ABS and are experiencing warping/lifting for the box or the lid, try the "Anti-warp" versions. Use a raft, and the extra disks should keep the corners down.

For the key, it's best to use a raft and supports as the model only touches the build-plate in one place.

If the ribbons are printing with too tight a fit (does this happen more often with PLA?) you can upsize the inner ribbon (Ribbon_Part_1) to 101% an the outer ribbon (Ribbon_Part_2) to 101.5%. Thanks dssguy1 for this tip!

  • 3D model format: STL





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