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LIGHTSABER - LED - Fully Functional

3D model description

This is a 3D printed Light Saber I designed as a personal project to keep myself occupied and to submit it in the #lightitup challenge

​Here's a demo video:

​Let me start off by saying this is a very easy print/make... The handle only has two main prints and you have the option of printing either 6 individual sliding cylinders or print one with all of them already embedded... Every print can be printed on a single extruder, no print requires any supports, and the tallest print is 155mm high on the Z axis... So as long as your printer can print 155 in the Z, you can make this no problem...

​The only thing you will need to buy is this LED light and remote for $10....

​I used Bendlay filament for the cylinders mostly because it lets a lot of light pass through is (91%) and it is also a lot stronger than PLA... It is pretty expensive, but totally worth it for this project... If you desire, you can also print the cylinders in natural PLA/ABS or any translucent filament you want to use... However, you wont get the same glow you get with Bendlay... Here's a link to Bendlay...

​Here is an instructional video I made that basically goes over everything that I'll go over in this Instructable...

  • 3D file format: STL





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