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Lightcycle Model Kit

3D model description

I originally created this 3d file about 12 years ago for an old PC game project called GL_Tron. When I received my Thing-O-Matic last summer, this model kit is one of the first projects I thought about creating. After many hours modifing the original model it's finally it's done!

EDIT: I have now included individual part files per request.

3D printing settings

I have included an illustrated instruction manual to help guide you in assembling this kit, but here are few notes to help get you started.

All of these parts have printed very successfully for me without rafts or support. The one place on the front wheel that needs support, has it built into the STL file. After printing you just trim off the small support wall.

This kit also uses 3mm pins to align parts. Because I am still printing with 3mm filament, I just cut short 6mm long sections to use as pins. If you have a Replicator, or print with 1.75mm filament, I have provided a file to print a set of pins.

The parts for this model are separated into groups by color to replicate the design of the movie Lightcycle. The frame and wheel hubs should be gray, the windows and wheel covers black, and the wheels and body another color like blue or red for example. Of course, there are no rules.

  • 3D file format: STL





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