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Life Counter Remix

3D model description

Update to CounterCompletePrint_new_Interlock_shaft.stl : One of the parts have been slightly lower than the other parts in the Complete print files.
This caused problems in slicing with thin first layer heights.

Updated the hollow shaft. I rounded the edge to make it slide more smoothly

The life counter is a nice little tool. Only one thing bugged me: It is slacking.
I decides to try to improve it. This is my solution for the problem:
I made the hole in the middle of the parts bigger and created a hollow shaft that will give the whole thing a little more stability.

I made 2 Versions of the shaft:
-a ordinary shaft
-a 2 piece interlocking shaft. The idea is to glue them with a little drop to the caps after securing the rubber band. the two parts of the shaft and the rings together work as guide.

Haven't printed it myself yet, I run out of filament mid print :-(

If you find problems please let me know. I am sure we will find a solution.

  • 3D file format: STL



Creating 3d printable Wargaming terrain.



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