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Levitating Lost In Space Jupiter Spaceship

3D model description

Change Log - Levitating:
I purchased a levitating globe from amazon and took it apart
Inside were some magnets and washers
I then made a cavity inside the Jupiter to accept these magnets and make it levitating
The specific globe I purchased was
Word of caution the power adapter that came with my globe was either defective or underpowered and I had to use a different one.

Changelog v2: I added peg for better alignment while assembly and glue up. I also made the back engines their own pieces so that their is less need for supports and then they can be printed in a different color or easier for painting.
Also redid my render as I felt a lot of detail was not shown in the first picture.

This is my model of the Jupiter Spaceship used by the Robinson family in Lost in Space.

There should be little to no supports needed depending on your printers overhangs.

This was all modeled in Fusion 360 using screen captures and reference images online.

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  • 3D file format: STL



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