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LEGO compatible print in place man

3D model description

As I looked at amazing printed in place things like LoboCNC's Iris Box (, Fidget spinner by muzz64 (, TikaDesign's Tika Alpaca (, I was wondering if I could be able to print something like this.

And here is printed in place LEGO compatible man! Sorry to say, that it is mostly a proof of concept, but still fully functional proof: he has movable legs, arms, hands, replaceable hat and swappable head. He can even seat and stand on the original and compatible surfaces and hold various items.

Spacing is large enough so that it is not exactly a stress test for your printer. Though you should level bed and make sure there is no such thing as elephant foot.

Man shoud easily (or relatively easily) move right after the print. But that depends on print settings and filament quality.

I used PLA for printing.

3D printing settings

0.2 mm layer, no rafts, no supports. Depending on your printer settings each print can take around 40 minutes.

lego_the_first is the fully moving figure
lego_the_block has non-removable head
lego_the_key has non-removable head with ring for keychain

  • 3D model format: STL





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