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Large Stone Brazier / Bonfire - Tea Light - 28mm gaming

3D model description


I needed some cool light sources for my upcoming viking village encounters high in the mountains, and I had a ton of extra tea lights so I came up with this! Can also be used as signal bonfires, resized for smaller braziers, etc.

My tea lights were 20mm high / 40mm wide, but this should fit most standard tea lights. It's designed to print in two pieces for the main stone part, and the top piece snaps right into the bottom and shouldn't need glue. I have transparent red PLA, which I used to print the top flame. It works equally well without the top flame if you want to skip that, and just have the light from the tea light sticking out the top. The flame should snap right in also, but after paint I had to do a small bit of trimming to get it to fit - just trimmed the inside of the top hole with a utility knife a small bit. Enjoy!

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  • 3D file format: STL



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