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Labyrinth container - Geocache

3D model description

Wanted a geocaching container that wasn't hard to open (this one has just 1 path with no to little deviations)
Also this way I could practise fusion 360 in how to project a sketch onto a cilindrical object, mission accomplished!

Size: 50 x 29mm

I've printed a previous testmodel where gaps where a bit to loose, so I made the margins smaller and also, this is designed to be printed on a resin UV LCD printer. So not sure if it would work on a regular FDM printer.

There's also a spot for a 23-2mm O-ring so the container when closed is watertight. (optional)
At the bottom there's a slope to make sure to tighten it to a closed state.
Also provided a small space / slot where you can add your name or tracking number (geocache)

Please feel free to comment or give me advise, I'm new to 3D printing since a month and new to fusion 360 for a couple of weeks.

ps: the red lid is just for fancy rendering and to show the labyrinth ;-)

  • 3D file format: STL





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