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Jell-E Medusa: The Scout

3D model description

"Searching the depths of the ocean, exploring the ruined remains of the once dominant civilisation"

This model is the first of the set 'Jell-E Medusa'. A 4 models collection of some sort of robotic jellyfishes that eventually will took over the world.

It's a multipart model but no extra hardware required. Can be assembled pushing, clicking and twisting parts. See schematics in the photos attached.

Feel free to play with tentacles shape. Print as long as you want or combine in different shapes.

Thanks to Grafit & Greg for beta testing and sharing some nice photos.

Hope you like it and have fun printing and assembling!!

3D printing settings

No supports required.

Low infill (most of parts can be printed hollow)

For tentacles i recommend 2 perimeters, no infill and 3 or 4 top/bottom layers.

If you have adhesion issues use a brim or raft.

Models in pictures printed using Fillamentum Extrafill PLA.

  • 3D model format: ZIP



Hi all! , I'm Fernando Jerez, computer science teacher, amateur designer and electronics noob.
Love procedural/generative stuff, robots, and all kind of 3D printable stuff.
Hope you enjoy my designs.

Contact me by private message: @ferjerez3d (Instagram,Twitter)



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