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Imperial Eagle Multi Colour/Material (Elite Dangerous)

3D model description

Imperial Eagle model from Elite: Dangerous

Model is split into multiple parts based on their colouring

Assign the parts to extruders based on your hardware

This work is strictly fanart and not meant for commercial distribution. All respected trade marks are property of Frontier Developments

To make it the same scale as my Anaconda (1000:1) = 31.2mm long

Single colour version available in my 2 Part set

  • 3D file format: STL



Bird's Are Weird

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One comment

I'm looking for a model of this for a starwars based D&D campaign a friend of mine is running, would it be at all plausible for me to possibly buy one of these from you? I personally love ED and this is one of my favorite ships, unfortunately i don't have a 3d printer to make one of these for myself, nor do i have the money to buy one (note: this is strictly going to be for personal use and only to easily demonstrate my ship to the other players and DM, otherwise i plan on maybe custom painting the white areas and putting it on display in my room as a tribute to an amazing game that i am terrible at)
please contact me at