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HUMMER H1 - Assembly model kit 1:35

3D model description

This project born to improve my skills in printing on high resolution in my TEVO Tarantula. I modeled in Sketchup to be printed with 0.2 mm nozzle at very low speed with PLA max.

Results achieved are very good; fine details are present and supports structures works ok.

Obviously there are a lot to do, but this is a nice step to be able to make our own kits.


3D printing settings


Tevo Tarantula Prusa I3


Doesn't Matter




nozzle 0,2 mm - layer 0,15 mm


I use starndar acrilic paint (kids type), water based with a bit of alcohol to get better adhesion

How I Designed This
Sketchup + Cura

I worked with Sketchup at all, starting from blueprints.

  • 3D file format: STL



Architect & urbanist, designer, innovation enthusiast and fun of scale model hobby.



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One comment

Thank you for this model. I have a friend at work who has been bugging me to print a Humvee. While I am in the process of printing this project, I would like to mention that I had errors with a couple of parts so far: rueda1 and chasis1. I would also like to suggest that you remove the spare tire (rueda) from baul1 (as it appears you designed it by adding a hole for rueda1 anyway). This way, if you print rueda1 in black, you can print 5 of them and then add it to baul1 (instead of having to paint it later).

Once again, very nice project. I will let you know how it turns out.