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Handle wrist arm wrestling

3D model description

It can be used as a tool for arm wrestling training. You exercise your fingers, wrist, biceps and back. It comes in two pieces easily mountable:

  1. HandleWrist1

  2. HandleWrist2

The two pieces have the same printing parameters.

The second piece it has to rotate 180º in the gcode program.

3D printing settings

The dimensions of the two pieces are:

Height: 106 mm

Width~100 mm

The print parameters are:

Layer height (mm): 0.2

Shell thickness (mm): 1

Enable retraction: Yes

Bottom/Top thickness (mm): 0.8

Fill Density (%): 30

Print speed (mm/s): 30

Printing temperature (C): 200

Bed temperature (C): 0

Support type: None

Platform adhesion type: None

Diameter (mm): 1.75

Flow (%): 100

Nozzle size (mm): 0.5

The printing time of the first piece is about 13 hours and the weight arround 150 grams

The printing time of the second piece is about 7 hours and the weight arround 90 grams

  • 3D file format: STL



Soy un ingeniero que se ha comprado una impresora 3D y se lo está pasando como un enano

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