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Grab Toy Infinite

3D model description

Grab Toy Infinite
A variation of the Grab Toy ++ ( where the number of expansion frames is a parameter; this way you can make the thing as large as you want.

I guess there is a limit of how large you can make it before hinge friction and mass of the thing prevents proper opening and closing but I have no idea what this limit may be. Also, depending on the material, a huge thing may snap under its own weight!

The PLA print in the photos is 6 frames long, which still kind of works although the grip at the jaw end is not very strong.

Please note that the STL file with the 10-frame GrabToy has only been included to show the OpenSCAD code can generate things as large as you want. I haven't printed it, so I cannot confirm it will function properly. In fact, having seen the 6-frames print I very much doubt the 10-frame version will be even able to fully close the jaws. In any case, if you do print it please tell us how it went!

Main routine:
GrabToyInfinite(N): generates a grab toy with N expansion frames. The corresponding number of hinges is 3*N+1.

Set global variable N to the desired value and press F6 to render. Keep in mind that more frames means longer time to render. Some indications: for N=10 it takes 12 minutes for my rusty i7-920 to render the thing at moderate quality and 42 minutes at high quality; for N=6 it takes 26 minutes at high quality).


  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP





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