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3D model description

Orc Boyz, or often just known as "da Boyz", are the hard-fighting infantry found at the heart of most Greenskin tribes. Goblins are more common, but it is the Orcs that do the bulk of the heavy lifting in most battles. While not as tall as Chaos Warriors, or as disciplined as High Elves, They make up for it with their sheer bulk and brutality.

Included are 58 Orc Boyz; 20 with Choppaz & Shields (Da Boyz), 20 with Polearms (Spearboyz), 2 with Banners, and 16 with Bows and Quivers (Arrer Boyz). The .3mf file "Orc Boyz.3mf" contains all the meshes separate for those who want to arrange them differently. 3 pre-supported files are included for test-printing, with 3 of each type of infantry. Also included is a file with all of their weapons for those who want to use them separately.

  • 3D file format: 3MF and STL





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I've been using an Ender 3 for a while now and having loads of fun. I want to start trying to print figurines like these - what recommendations do you have for using supports - as far as getting the best print results, but also the easiest to remove?