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Giant Lego Santa

3D model description

Its time to print a Giant Lego Santa Claus!

This version of the original Lego Santa featured in lego sets released between 1998 and 2012. Its a simple design, using a standard minifig, combined with a Wizard Beard and Pirate hat. Its my favorite lego santa, I have quite a few...

Now you can print your own. I have combined Skimbals original blank minifig template, along with new versions of the beard and hat, which I sourced from Printabrick and LDraw, carefully subdivided to improve the original low poly models while retaining sharp edges, and altered to the right neck/head dimensions as both the original models were too tight.

As a bonus, Ive also included a Santas Toy Sack - Ive not printed this though as I dont have brown filament - so it may/may not fit in the giant hand.

Note that this Santa is 5x scale - I scaled up skimbals original by 25%, so if you want your own Santa to match your 4x collection, scale all parts down to 80%

Original Sources
Skimbals Blank Minifig, sourced from Thingyverse CC BY-NC 3.0

Santa Hat : Sourced from Printabrick, part 2543 by Alex Taylor CC BY 2.0
Santa Beard : Sourced from Printabrick, part 6132 by Andy Westrate CC BY 2.0
Santa Sack : Sourced from LDraw Library part 10169, by Philippe Hurbain CC BY 2.0

  • 3D model format: STL





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