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Gaslands Vehicle Dice Template

3D model description

This is a Gaslands Vehicle Dice Template. It is designed to be used with the standard 'printer friendly' black and white vehicle templates from, which are the same included in the core Gaslands rulebook.

It holds Games Workshop red and black (~12mm) D6 dice to represent the hazards gained, current gear and ammunition for four weapons (A to D on the template). Additionally there is a cut out to hold a standard D10 dice to track hull points. If you need more than 10 hull points, simply place a second D10 next to the first. The 'MOVED' token is designed to print separately from the template (or snap it out after the print). Slot it into the template after the vehicle has moved in a gear as a reminder.

Fill in your Gaslands vehicle template as normal, in particular use the large note box to name the vehicle and weapons on board. Then place dice around the edges to track the various statistics. I also don't trim the templates, so there's a large tab to the left or right I can write the vehicle name on as well. I find it also helps if you use some BluTack on the back of the template to hold the paper in place during gaming.

If you make something interesting with these designs, post a link please. I enjoy seeing what people do with my designs.

3D printing settings


Anet A8









  • 3D model format: STL



I'm a hobbyist war-gamer based in New Zealand. I'm focused on creating original 3D designs for 28mm scale war-gaming that can print quickly and easily on low priced hobbyist consumer 3D printers.

See for my designs in action on the war gaming table.



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