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Galaxy Quest Communicator

3D model description

Here is my version of communication device from Galaxy Quest :)

You have two versions available. One is similar size to the original prop and you can print plasma disk on laser/ink printer and glue it as a screen.

The other version is with 2.5'' mini plasma disk and it's pretty cool in my opinion as it can react on sound, so it will activate when you talk. there is slot for small micro switch in the case so when top lid is closed it will switch off power. As soon as you open the lid the plasma disk will light's up.

Here is a short video:

The plasma disks are available on eBay from China (I ordered blue, but they sent me green by mistake lol)

All you have to do is to take it out of the original case (be careful not to damage anything) and put it inside the second version. You will need to but 2 x single AAA netty holders to power it all up (see one of the pictures).

The only downside of this is that it had to be slightly larger than original prop and unfortunately I couldn't find smaller plasma disks.

This is still work in progress as I'm working on some sort of locking mechanism to keep the lid closed and spring mechanism so the lid would open automatically.

  • 3D file format: STL



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