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Fully Fabbable Tennis table paddles

3D model description

This thing was designed to be fully fabbable: the handles are 3D printable and the racket can be CNC milled or laser cutted.

3D printing settings

FABtotum personal fabricator
Pla (2 different colors)
Marple wood sheets 4mm thick (100x130mm)
4 M3x15 screws
4 M3 nuts


Handles are made using additive method.
Model has been made using Autodesk Fusion 360 and then replicate x2.
The .stl file can be downloaded Here.
It was sliced with Cura using these parameters :

Layer Height: 0.15mm
Fill density: 24%
Nozzle size: 0.4mm
Shel thickness 0.8mm

Print them using the FABtotum with two different PLA filaments.

Rackets are made using subtractive method.
The shape was modeled using Inkscape: it was downloaded a paddle photo and traced the shape over it.
The gcode was generated using the online tool makercam.
There were generated 2 different toolpaths: one for the holes, one for the external shape.
The parameters used for both toolpaths are these:

Tool diameter: 2.5mm
Target depth: 4.2mm
Safety heigh: 2mm
Stock surface: 0mm
Step down: 0.3mm
Feed rate: 1000mm/min
Plunge rate: 200mm/min

After exporting the Gcode on the FABtotum, it will be necessary to add starting and ending codes which start and stop the spindle.

Starting code:
M3 S10000 ; set starting speed
G4 S3 ; give it 3 seconds to start the brushless motor.
Ending code:
G4 S5 ; five seconds before stopping the mill
M5 ; stop the milling motor
The stock material was positioned over a sacrifical board (in this case foam) and fastened using screws, the zero position was set in the lower left corner, on the top surface of the stock, using the fabUI.
After the milling process the rackets were smoothed using sandpaper.

The parts are assembled together using M3 screws and nuts.

Have fun!

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP




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