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3D model description

3D printing settings

There are 3 STL models in addition to their assembly requires two screws of metric 3 and 10 mm in length:

1.StrawberryRed--> Height: 90mm; Width: 100mm

2.Leaves--> Height: 30mm; Width: 130mm

3.Grip -->Height: 12mm; Width: 70mm

The print parameters are:

Layer height 0.2

Shell thickness 1

Enable retraction

Bottom/Top thickness 0.8

Fill Density 30

Print speed 20

Printing temperature 200

Bed temperature 0

Support type None

Platform adhesion type None

Diameter 1.75

Flow 100

Nozzle size 0.5

  • 3D model format: STL



Soy un ingeniero que se ha comprado una impresora 3D y se lo está pasando como un enano



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