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FPV-Rover V1.31 (Tank)

3D model description

This is a remix version of the FPV-Rover V1.21 and FPV-Rover with increased clearance, raised front gear and reinforced hull.
(you can see my other Rover modifications FPV-Rover V2.31 )

Print 2 body parts, glue them together and tighten them with 4 studs!

You can secure various batteries and any electronics(arduino,raspberry/orange pi, etc) inside by inserting M3 nuts into the grooves (step 10mm).
Added version of the housing the ability to install the rangefinder module HC-SR04 (or HY-SRF05, US-015, US-100) (see photo)

In the 1_31_body version it is possible to easily attach or remove various rear modules

The height of the useful volume of the body inside V1.31 - 44mm

Purchased parts:
- m3x40mm - 4pcs
- m3x45(or 50)mm - 4pcs
- m3 stud 120mm - 4pcs (I cut the stud 1m(3mm))
- m3 nuts - 20pcs or more
- 3x1mm - 16pcs magnets (50pcs package)

- 1x Servo
- ?x Fan 12v
- 1x HC-SR04
- 1x Tie for holder Lipo
- 2x or more Battery 18650 or Battery 18650
- 1x 2s Balance cable for lipo battery
- 1x Simple charger for 2-3s lipo
- 1x 4CH Frsky Receiver
- 1x BEC for protect rc-reciver: Easy tuned BEC or chiper BEC
- Connector JST
- 1x camera
- 1x Remote Control Lights Switch
- 1x Metal Scalpel Knife

Parts to print (from FPV-Rover V1.31) (I printed with Infill: 30%)
- 1x body left v1.31 (see Print Setting Notes)
- 1x body right v1.31 (or version for rangefinder module HC-SR04) (see Print Setting Notes)
- 1x inner track frame left v1.31
- 1x inner track frame right v1.31
- 1x outer track frame left v1.31
- 1x outer track frame right v1.31
- 1x fpv-cam-holder (I use Micro FPV camera holder for FPV-Rover)
- 1x front (or version for rangefinder module HC-SR04)
- 1x back (5 versions, choose which best for you)
- 8x small cog
- 4x main cog
- 66x track (recomend vertical print with 100% infill)
- 66x pins
(try which one fits best for you)
- 1x top (also you can use this base for mount EEZYbotARM MK2 )
- 1x set camera-led-mount
- 1x led mount

- 1x holder servo (see photo)
- 1x Holder Battery V1 or 2x Holder Battery (see photo)
- Holder 30mm Fan (see photo)
- Cover 30mm Fan (see photo)

Upgrade 01:
Upgrade 02:
Upgrade 03:
Upgrade 04:
Upgrade 05
Nerf Dart Launcher
Upgrade 06
robotic arm EEZYbotARM MK2

  • 3D file format: STL





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