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FPV camera mount for RC airplane Model Y

3D model description

FPV kit for the fully 3D printed airplane Eclipson Model Y

More information about FPV kit:

3D printing settings

TX02_holder --------------- Category C
Camera_fairing_MY.stl -- Category A
Wing_C_FPV_MY.stl ------Category A

Camera reach high temperatures, PLA is not the best option for those parts in contact with the camera, use PETG, ABS.

We attach here cura profiles for each category, if you use other slicer sofware please go to Model Y "ARRANGEMENT DRAWING AND PRINTING PARAMETERS" to see recommended parameters for each category.

About Model Y

Although you might think that a 3D printed airplane will be heavy and weak, this is not true, for example, the maximum load factor of model Y is greater than ±10G.

About the weight it is only 4% heavier than an equivalent foam airplane.

  • 3D model format: STL



We design RC planes to be 3D printed. Find more information:



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