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Forky [Toy Story]

3D model description

For more information check the video:

Hi there,

Forky has two different models, one with the arms and another one without the arms, since I have it to print this model, I can't really tell if the version with the arms are printable. But for now you can choose which version you prefer.

So, I hope you liked the model and have fun printing it.

Update 01/07/2019: I uploaded the model in separeted parts so you can now print it with multi material :)






Dream ON!!

  • 3D file format: OBJ and STL



Hello there, my name is Flavio. I created this channel to share my love for 3D modeling and 3D printing with you all. Mostly, I will be recreating iconic figures from video games, movie and tv series overall.

So to share this love, I will be posting videos showing all the process, starting on the 3D software and going all the way to the printing and painting.

I hope you join me in this adventure and most of all, I really hope that you have fun.



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