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Fantasy viking house

3D model description

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Version 2 released, see second image for release notes.
Version 2.1 released. I found mesh problems in the front house. Fixed.

This is a fantasy viking house in 28mm scale. It is not historically correct but it looks better this way. It is perfect for iron age or early mediaval settings. The rohirrim from midgard can live in these houses as well.

It is modular so you can decide how long you want the house to be, from a tiny cottage to a long barn. Simply print the number of middle segments you desire and glue it all together. The roof is designed to be openable but you can of course glue it down.

All parts except the front roof can print without support. The front roof come in two variants, with or without built in support. I haven't actually tried this since I don't have an FDM printer.

  • 3D file format: STL



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