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Fantasy Human Custom Chess pieces

3D model description

A set of custom fantasy chess pieces I've been modeling for a friend of mine.

I plan on doing another set of Orc pieces to be played against the human pieces.

There are some minor errors due to me only knowing how to use blender... and not being very good at it...

Anyway if you follow the below settings you should get similar results to me(in Cura at least)... And I've decided to believe their good enough

Also please donate using my PayPal link if you like my work and would like me to continue(there's like a button somewhere on this page).

3D printing settings

PLA 1.75
0.4mm Nozzle

Layer height: 0.12
Top/Bottom Layers: 2
Infil: 70%
Infil PatternL Cubic Subdivision
Speed: 35mm/s (2* speed for the platforms)
Support overhang: 70%
Support pattern: Lines
Support density: 25%
Support platforms: Use both

Mesh fixes in Cura:
Remove all holes
Keep Disconnected Faces

  • 3D file format: STL



A bachelors in computing student with a deep and passionate love for his Wanhao mini but who unfortunately only knows how to 3d modeling in Blender.

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