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Ender Dragon

3D model description

You can now print your own poseable Ender Dragon! The model is comprised of 48 separate pieces and takes approximately 30 hours to print. The model is 60 cm long and has a wingspan of 45 cm

EDIT: We have updated the Back Leg (1x) file. The new file has beveling on some of the corners to improve the range of motion of the leg.

EDIT 2: panzerslayer pointed out that our 16x plate of the "TailNeckSegment" was actually a 16x plate of the "TailEndSegment". We've removed that plate, so just print your 16 of the "TailNeckSegment"!

EDIT 3: The file "TailNeckSegment 16x" has been updated with the correct parts. However printing in smaller amounts might not be a bad idea in case something goes wrong with the print.

UPDATE: We have uploaded a smaller version of the Ender Dragon that prints in one go in only 5.5 hours on a Replicator 2. The file is called "Enderdragon Combined".

3D printing settings

I used a layer height of 0.2 mm for all of the pieces. The body and back legs use a 5% infill and the rest of the pieces use 10%.

You will need to print 2 of the BackLeg and FrontLeg files. You should print the TailNeckSegment (16x) as well as the TailEnd file. The TailNeckSegment (1x) file is included in case you need a replacement Tail/Neck segment.

The ball socket joints will be pretty stiff when they are first printed but after a while they become pretty loose. When this happens I recommend putting a dab of hot glue in the ball and socket joints as it makes it much easier to pose the model.

  • 3D file format: STL





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