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3D model description

This is a realistic looking duck head. I tried to make him simple but good looking.

I added a low poly version, it´s the same model, but I disabled the Subdivision-modifier in Blender.

I added a version with a 1cm wide hole on the bottom, so you can scale him up or down to the size of your choice and stick him on a stick. That way you have a scepter with a duckhead.
You can use the scepter also as a back scratcher!

3D printing settings

I use a Anet A8.
I used PLA, layer height of 0,15 and an infill of 10%.

  • 3D file format: STL



Hello , I am Janis Bruchwalski.
My 3D printer is an Anet A8.
I use Blender for modelling.
I mainly create toys that are small and fun.



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