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DIY Mini Quadcopter w/ 3D Printed Motor Mounts, Top & Bottom Plates

3D model description

UPDATE: As of 2/20/14 you can now print the quad booms instead of having to use wooden dowel rods. I should have done this from the beginning but thought there would be too much vibration for the multiwii board. I've tested with PLA and it works great. I've uploaded new photos of the frame (in red) with the 3D printed booms. It's flying great and please let me know if you end up making one! Here is a recent video I did configuring my FrSky Taranis to toggle between acro and horizon level mode:

UPDATE: As of 10/1/13 I uploaded a new motor mount that is 1mm thicker than the original version. The motor mount is now 3mm thick vs 2mm. The original version had too much flex so I decided to increase it a bit.

This mini quad is a work in progress and you can check out the build log here:

and the garage maiden flight here:

and here is a build log video with outdoor maiden flight:

  • 3D file format: STL





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