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Dice - 12 sided (Replaces two regular dice... plus adds outcomes!)

3D model description

Great for board games...

Easier to use than two dice going in different directions plus adds variables that increase the range of possibilities including:

(1) The number "1". Ever landed one square away from something you wanted to land on... with two dice you can't but with this there is a "1" side. Odds are 1 in 12.

(2) Other variations of 12 sided dice do not allow for "doubles". This does... if the arrow under the 2/4/6/8/10/12 (even numbers) points to the person throwing the dice they are credited with a "double". (Refer to explanatory image)

(3) One final variation is that the "2" and "12" are not necessarily a double as with regular dice. With this 12 sided dice whether or not they are doubles in dependant on point (2) above using the arrow system.

Regular adjacent dice faces total "7" when added. In this case adjacent faces add up to 13.

Note: (1) The numbers are well recessed so do not need painting to be clearly visible. If you do decide to colour the numbers I suggest using a very fine felt pen inside the numbers and arrows in preference to paint as paint can run and end up looking messy.

(2) The 6"6" has an arrow under it as it is even and can be a double... the 9 does not have an arrow under it.

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3D printing settings

Print with Raft on... no support required as there is designed in support that helps ensure the lower side face numbers print well (on a Replicator 2). Use 3 or 4 shells and 25% fill or greater (to increase weight).

The support is designed to snap away reasonably easily with a craft knife (when printed on a Replicator 2 and 5th Generation Replicator) but can be affected by the filament used and the positioning (angle) on the build plate.

  • 3D file format: STL





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