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Desktop vortex spinner

3D model description

Spinner for your desk. Need a quick mental break from studies or writing... Here's a relaxing desktop toy / fidget spinner that could give your head a much needed break. Gently spin the toy and watch as the groove seems to just rise from the desk or disappear into the desk. Print multiples or print one regular and one DeskToyCapCounter. Spin, stack and watch as the grooves collide or separates. This is also a way to breath new life into those old fidget spinners bearings.

Material needed:
5x poor performing 608 bearings
1x high performance (fast and long spin) 608 bearing
1x Plastic spray (optional)


  1. Insert the hight performance bearing into the base of the body util only 1mm of the bearing is exposed (as shown in picture gallery)
  2. Insert the 5 poor performing bearings from the top of the body (as shown in picture gallery)
  3. Install the outer cap to the body (take care not to snap off the peg on the insides of the cap.
  4. Spray multiple thin coats of plastic spray to the underside of the base. (Optional)
  5. install the outer cap and body to the base.

Inspired by a kickstarter project

  • 3D file format: STL



Novice maker who just likes to tikner



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