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Democtratic Chess

3D model description

In this game of chess pieces that are taken can be stacked to create new pieces with combined abilities (for example you can make up new Queen by stacking Rook and Bishop or even stack Pawn and Knight to make up new figure). This makes gameplay unusual and every loosed figure can change situation of board very significant!
Pieces are not ugly, but done of special shape to be able stack them onto each other to create combined figures.
There is also board and case design from plastic.

3D printing settings


Print usual set of chess figures of each of two colors (I suggest print with raft, as figures have very small surface connected to the printing table and can be moved by printing head without raft):
8 x Pawn.STL
2 x Rook.STL
2 x Knight.STL
2 x Knight Nock.STL
2 x Bishop.STL
1 x Queen.STL
1 x King.STL
All figures are ready to use, just Knight should be connected with Knight Nock (place Knight Nock into slot on top of Knight figure, drill small hole and connect peices with small tack).
When printing figures, be sure, that you can stack them one on another (holes at bottom done a little larger diameter then nocks on top for this).

Board + Case:

Cut 2 x 170x170 mm sheets from 3 mm acryl - they will form top and bottom parts of case (there is no drawings for them in files, as it is just square sheets of acryl).

Print board peices (print without any raft or support):
1 x Cell (Puzzle) Top-Left.STL (White)
1 x Cell (Puzzle) Top-Right.STL (Black)
1 x Cell (Puzzle) Bottom-Left.STL (Black)
1 x Cell (Puzzle) Bottom-Right.STL (White)
6 x Cell (Puzzle) Bottom.STL (3 x Black + 3 x White)
6 x Cell (Puzzle) Top.STL (3 x Black + 3 x White)
6 x Cell (Puzzle) Left.STL (3 x Black + 3 x White)
6 x Cell (Puzzle) Right.STL (3 x Black + 3 x White)
36 x Cell (Puzzle).STL (18 x Black + 18 x White)
Put all together as small puzzle and glue on top of acryl sheet (you can use second acryl sheet that you cut to press on board peices to make them glue fine enough).

To make up a board print:
8 x Case Side (Corner).STL
8 x Case Side 162 mm (Thin).STL (print with external support only)
4 x Pilar 6x6x18.STL
Put "Case Side 162 mm (Thin).STL" on sides of acryl sheets with glue, then connect together with "Case Side (Corner).STL" and finally install "Pilar 6x6x18.STL" into four connecrs from inside of bottom part of case.

How to play:

You can play as usual chess, but difference is that when you take opponent's figure you can remove it from board or stack you your figure to make up figure with combined attributes (that will move and kill like both combined figures). As you will see this change usual chess gameplay very significant and almost makes up new game with very different strategy and tactics.

Play with your friends! ;)

  • 3D file format: STL





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