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3D model description

Since we want to motivate you to accomplish goals and attract good vibes and we love Japanese culture and its wonderful traditions, we have created a Daruma-Neko. The union between a DARUMA and a MANEKI-NEKO (cat of luck or fortune).

The Daruma-Neko returns to its position by pushing it to one side. This symbolically represents optimism, persistence and determination.

The DARUMA is a votive figure that is used as a reminder and motivation to accomplish goals or great tasks. An eye (usually the left eye) is painted when setting your goal and placed where it is visible to remind you of the work that must be done to achieve the goal. When the objective has been fulfilled, the other eye is painted.

ELEMENTS USED (Water Sandpaper, Montana Colors Spray and Permanent Markers):


Colors: Bright red and white

Brilliant varnish

Designed by imagine studio, Barcelona, Spain.

We hope you like ♥. WISHING TO SEE YOUR "TAILOR-MADE". FEEDBACKS are always welcome. ♥


3D printing settings

(Print proof)

Material: PLA+

Printer: Craftbot +

Printing time:

BODY (S) 2 to 3 hours, BASE (M) 2 to 3 hours.

Layer height: 0.1 mm

Top / bottom layer: 2 x 0.8 mm

Density: BODY 10%, BASE 95%-100%.

Supports: BASE: YES (On flat face), BODY: NO

Base (Slicer): BODY: skirt, BASE: draft (with 4 first layers)

Print position "PLAN FACES" (see image in the gallery).

  • 3D file format: STL



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