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Dark days in New Jersey - Part 2 - McGarry PI

3D model description

" Pietro Fraschetti stood by the second floor door in a grubby corner of a block in a seedy back street in Trumpton, New Jersey. The sign on the door said ' McGarry - Private Investigator. No job too small'. Fraschetti tapped on the door and entered, raising an eyebrow at McGarry, who stood in the middle of the floor dressed up as a 1950s British police constable.
'We all got issues', said McGarry. 'I'm guessing you're here about your brother.'
'Yeah. Give me a name and I'll finish the job myself.'
'OK. It's 50 bucks a day plus expenses.'
'Fine. Just get it done,' said Fraschetti, leaving the office door open on the way out.
McGarry rubbed his chin thoughtfully. No doubt about it, he was going to have to visit...The Honeyman! "

  • 3D file format: STL



Ian Harrison from London



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