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Cute Ghost

3D model description

Little Ghost for Halloween or just for fun!
It is cute happy ghost but only when he is in shadows or darkness. If you take him to the sun or expose him to bright light he will be very unhappy and he will scream!

Printing is not so easy i think this time, but you can print it without support as this model has some support inlcuded already. It can be tricky to print it on some printers but on Prusa i3 MK3 it was OK, it requires just few final touches as clean from supports(some supports was actualy difficult to remove, maybe next time i will use smaller/thiner ones).

Fusion360 file is included so you can modify it as you want.

You can see this Ghost in action here:

I have use those sources as inspiration:

Adafruit is using Teensy 3.1/3.2 with TFT or OLED but i think Teensy is quite expensive and overkill for this project.
Second one is using ESP32 which is excellent but with expensive OLED displays.
So i have modified it for cheap TFT LCD(with ST7735 driver, 128x160).
You can find arduino code included(just rename it from txt file to .ino).

So dont forget stay away from bright lights!
Happy Halloween!

Prusa i3 MK3
20 infill
no support

  • 3D file format: F3D, STL, and TXT





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