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Corvo's Folding Blade [Functional]

3D model description

This full scale, fully functional replica of Corvo's blade from Dishonored is based directly off of the in-game model. The only major difference is that the blade had to be shortened to fit inside the handle since the blade shown in the game is impossibly long! Check the instructions tab for information on how to assemble the model.

WARNING: This model is intended for use as a prop and not as a weapon. The blade is not sharp enough to cut but the end is pointy enough to inflict damage through puncturing.

3D printing settings

We used a 0.2 mm layer height and 10% infill for all of the parts. We recommend using a raft and supports for the Blades, Handle, and Claw parts. The Latch part prints best without a raft or supports.

Check out this picture showing the steps to assemble this model or read the instructions below.

You will need:

- All 5 printed parts

- Super Glue

- A paperclip

- Fishing Line

- Some extra filament (~ 11.6 cm long)

1. Print off all pieces and remove support materials (make sure to get rid of the support material inside of the handle and around the claw pieces.)

2. Clear out any strands of filament inside the larger blade piece and sand the blunt edge of the smaller blade to make sure that it will fit into the larger blade smoothly.

3. Slide the smaller blade into the larger (this may require a bit of force.)

4. Tie a loop of fishing wire to the handle using the two holes on the back of the handle.

5. Slide the blade into the back of the handle making sure to line up the notches on the blade with the grooves in the handle. Press the two together and the blade should click into place and slide back and forth freely.

6. With the blade fully retracted, attach the latch piece to the handle. With the latch in place, slide a paperclip into the hole on the side until it can go no further and then clip off any extra paperclip. If the paper clip will not stay in place remove the paperclip partly and apply some super glue to the very end and then push it back in.

7. Slid the 11.6 cm piece of extra filament through the holes in the claw pieces in the correct order (check attached image and then glue both ends into one of the smaller claw pieces.

8. Press the smaller claw pieces into the notches on the front of the handle. The pieces should stay in place without the need for glue.

  • 3D file format: STL





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