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Corners - A Strategic Board Game

3D model description

Here's a board game called Corners. You can play it with a chess board and any kind of counters, or you can print it using the designs I created. This is a 2 player game which is great fun to play, really easy to learn and takes only 10-20 minutes to play through it.

Here's how you play:

Arrange the counters in a 4x3 rectangle in opposite corners of the board. Each person then takes it in turn to move their counters around the board, with the simple objective: move your pieces from where they are at the start to where the opponents pieces are. You may move only 1 square at a time, however not diagonally. You can only move once per turn, and can jump over pieces if that is possible. You can also combo-jump, where you jump over one piece and after landing, jump over another one, with the same counter. (You can only do this if the pieces allow you to! you cannot jump over more than 1 counter at once, and you cannot move in between jumps. A combo jump counts as one move). Continue to take turns until either player fills the other players starting square. The person first to do this wins the game.

I've created and uploaded a series of images of example gameplay for the first 10 turns, so if you're unsure about jumping, refer to that. Please note that in the gif, the green side went first.

When printing, no supports are needed. 2 sets of counters are needed, preferably in different colours!

Have fun!

~ Michael

3D printing settings

3D print the board, and two sets of counters all in different colours. If you only have one colour, feel free to create your own counters with shapes to determine them rather than colours, or use chess pieces / paper counters / similar.

You can use a normal chess board to play this game.

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