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Complete Catan Tile Set - Single Nozzle, Multi-color Layers

3D model description

Dakanzla is da' man with his awesome multicolor printed design. Unfortunately, I only have a single nozzle printer and I cannot paint worth a damn, but I still wanted some artistic oomph to my set. I really didn’t like the monotone sets out there (very creative, but color wise not so much). So, I redesigned the tiles a bit so that the printer can take advantage of the color swapping technique at different levels.

Here is Chuck Hellebuyck talking about how to do it in Cura:

The Catan group has a lot of creative people and interesting designs. So many options to connect the bases (the interlocking ones are the most clever IMO). I settled on Dakanzla V.2 magnet methods. I can see myself creating new terrain for other games like MM’44, Battle Cry, Battle Lore, Scythe, etc. Very versatile.

I also like the separation between base and tile. This way you can swap out different themes or mixes of tiles (Shout out to Vincent Bolduc – 3dguy007 for his game of Thrones tiles).

For the Tinkercad files, please visit each of the tile types:
* Brick
* Desert
* Ore
* Wheat
* Wood
* Wool
* Harbor Pieces

  • 3D file format: STL





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