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Child of Kumonga with Australian Spider-Tamer Contingent

3D model description

In the Darkest parts of the Old World's forests live many species of Great Arachnids, the most colossal of which being the Arachnarok Spider. These Titanic eight-legged monstrosities stride near-silently to stalk their prey, encasing them easily in their massively thick webs.

When Tribes of Goblins first entered the woods of the Old World, they've been prey to the spiders that live within. Even as they found new ways to fight them, of all the species, they could not hope to best the mighty Arachnaroks. The Goblins reasoned that since the powerful arachnids could not be defeated, perhaps they could be appeased. Eight-legged totems festooned with webbed skills began to appear alongside the traditional idols of Gork and Mork outside their caves. The tribes followed their Shamans in supplicating themselves in worship, and the Spider-kult was born. Although Gork and Mork were not forsaken, in the black thickets of the endless forest the Spider-god soon ruled supreme.

With many sacrifices left before the entrances to their caves, The Arachnaroks eventually became tolerant of the Forest Goblins, allowing them to live on their backs upon great wooden howdahs. Now, when the forest goblins march off to war, their tribes do so upon the backs of these great war beasts.

Included is the Arachnarok Spider itself, with full howdah mount (Spider is separate for those who want to use it). Also included are 16 Forest Goblins; 10 with Bows, 5 with Spears & Shields, and a Single Forest Goblin Shaman. The .3mf file "Arachnarok Spider.3mf" contains all the meshes separate for those who want to arrange them differently. Pre-Supported files for all the Forest Goblins and portions of the Howdah are also available for those that wish to print them.

  • 3D file format: 3MF and STL





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