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Cavern Rivergate and Waterfall (Openforge 2.0 compatible)

3D model description

Hi Folks!

I actually just found out today that @Masterkookus did a lot of my work already. (If only I knew earlier, would have spared me a lot of time ;D). Nevertheless, his cavern tiles, also are not openforge 2.0 compatible, so I decided to go ahead and pick up some of his awesome designs, and make them openforge 2.0 compatible for you guys!

I also noticed that he did very nice rivertiles, which already have some stream textures in them. I decided to go a ahead and take the texture and add some (reworked) river tiles with stream textures to this file, so they can be used together with these new Riverparts! I hope you like it! (So far I only did the narrow tile + corner. But I will add those textures to the other river tiles in the future). Testprints and fotos will follow!

EDIT: I added the Waterfall and the Watergate tiles without the stream textures ("plain") just in case you already use my other rivertiles and want to use them together!

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3D printing settings

standard 0.2

  • 3D file format: STL



Hi Folks! I make and remix dungeontiles for the openforge 2.0 system by devonjones. All my stuff is also found on alongside any information of parts I used and the original creators.



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