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Catan Magnet Base 6x3 mm cylindrical magnets

3D model description

I liked the idea. They don't use much plastic and print pretty fast. But the magnets I found were bigger, 6x3mm Diametrically Cylinder Magnets. That type of magnet works really good. No worries if you got them in right. They just work.

Here's where I found mine
200 Diametrically Silver Metal Cylinder Magnets 6mm

Since 200 isn't enough to fill all the tiles with 6, when using ocean tiles, I also made bases that only hold the exact amount you need. I rounded the edges without magnets so it's easy to tell which side has them and which doesn't. I also plan on adding hex storage boxes, for the player pieces, that will snap on the edge of the board. That way they aren't all over the place when playing.

  • 3D file format: STL





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