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CARduino (1:18 arduino based RC car)

3D model description

Hi everyone!
this is my last project, a fully arduino based, suspensioned 1:18 rc car.
If you like this project ad want daily news on upgrades, videos of the car and other projects, follow me on IG: engineli_3d
-This car is powered by a 1000 KV a2212 BL motor, sold with ESC for around 10 euros
-1 SG90 servo
-I used four 8x12x3.5 mm bearing (few euros)
-2 arduino nano and 2 NRF24L01 wifi modules (i spent like 7 euros on aliexpress)
-2 arduino joystick modules
-I Used a homemade 2 Li-ion cells 18650 battery (from an old laptop battery)
-all screws are M3, most of them are M3x10 and some are longer, like the ones in the wheels, for the arduino mount, and front arm suspensions (M3x25)
-tyres are from a Wltoys A959
This is a work in progress, i will design a new, more conventional transmitter (with steering wheel and throttle trigger) and an aesthethic truggy style rollbar.

  • 3D file format: STL



Hi everyone!
I'm an italian student in Mechanical engineering, and enthusiast in rapid prototyping.
I like to design and print working stuff of any kind!



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hello, I don't see the ino files to make the compilation to the arduino

Bonjour je voudrais savoir ou est le code Arduino il ne semble pas founi