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Bulgarian State Railways Series 19 / SGP Austrian in HO (1:87) scale

3D model description


I've arranged a complete motorization kit, that can be purchased from our web shop - it includes all the parts to make the model run and emmit light.

I've also added a better version of the cardanic transmission.

Update: 10.12.2018

Non-printed parts list:

The wheels - you'll need 4 pcs:

Wheel axl gear - 4 pcs:

Worm gear - 4 pcs:

The motor:

Screws - 3 mm
Double colour led - WHITE / RED - 4 pcs


2 red LED and 2 white + fiberglass wire 2 mm diameter - about 15 cm

It is good to use regulator/stabilizer - I make my own, but you can get one from here:

Since I have a lots of pieces of each non printed parts, if you don't want to place a bunch of orders to the Chinese, you could just send me en e-mail and I could send you the whole set of parts, needed to make the motorized model.

This is an old diesel train operated by the Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ). The model is fully operational - you'll only need to buy wheels and electric motor.

Best printed in 0.1 mm layer height, 0.25 mm nozzle.

Use primer filler before paint.

The cardanic transmission is found here, on Thingiverse.

  • 3D file format: STL





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