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Book style card box

3D model description

The box that came with my Once Upon a Time game is terrible, so I designed a book-style deck box replacement for it.

The conclusions deck fits into one of the slots, with the regular cards fitting into the additional two slots.

There is a bookmark shaft that slides into the ends of the book (near the spine) and clicks together (you won't be able to take it out once you click it together), but it should form a really sturdy connection. You can then slide the bookmark forwards to open the box, and then simply push it back to close it.

There are slight indentations on the box and cover so that once you close it there should be no issue of it popping open.

Theoretically there should be room in the spine to store your rules too.

Again, I have NOT yet tested this.

3D printing settings

In theory this should print on a Replicator 2 in one go at the following dimensions:

13.208cm high

14.988cm deep

21.75cm wide

I haven't tested it yet. Will give it a go tomorrow, am a bit worried I made the pieces a bit too tight a fit (though I did leave some wiggle room).

Not sure on the best way to align the cover so it prints most effectively and doesn't need massive amounts of internal supports, any suggestions are welcome.

  • 3D file format: OBJ





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