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AT18 Warlord Powerfist

3D model description

Re-scale and remix of Jimzbeanz Power Fist to suit the 2018 Version of Adeptus Titanicus, with Upper Arm components rescaled from Strogs 40k Version. Added the magnet well so it can easily be used with the Plastic kits. Designed to print on DLP printers.

EDIT 12/01/2020 - I went to print this today and noticed I hadn't seated the mounting ring for the magnet correctly in the upper arm. Uploaded the fixed Version 2 file.

EDIT 19/01/2020 - I did a test print and the fist itself is a bit too large when compared to an AT18 Warlord Titan. I will work on the re-scaling and test this probably tomorrow since i have the day off. It is for now perfectly scaled to suit 28mm Knights, which is kind of cool/funny.

  • 3D file format: STL





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