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Articulated armor robot

3D model description

This robot/armor suit action figure looks a bit like iron man or b-max (from Big Hero 6). It is nearly 20cm tall.
I really digged up the initial design. I hope you will like it remixed !

I upgraded the initial design :
- ball joints for elbow, ankle, knee and wrist
- added a top part for the torso aroud the neck, and making the shoulder ball joints complete (need to glue this)
- added color inserts for the legs
- scaled Jooxoe3i's wonderful fist and hand to fit with the new wrist ball joint

legs and hips parts are cut and have to be glued (super glue works fine). Centering pins will help positioning the parts.

Katana was cut in half. To get a full katana, katana_half + a mirrored part and then glue them together.

The figure is really poseable and can take many positions. I will probably make a pair of ninja sabers to fit with the fist.

Small tips :
- if your ball joints are too hard to fit : use a lighter/heat gun to slightly heat up the socket part and then assemble it with the ball.
- if your ball joints are loose : apply some epoxy on the ball or socket part with a paintbrush. Once dry assemble.
- I can be necessary to drill slightly the hole in the hand, in order to fit the katana handle

I had a lot of fun remixing this. and then printing it !
It is really easy to print

Your turn now !

  • 3D file format: STL





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