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Air Spinner

3D model description

Update 2018-04-21: Added two additional versions

I had no idea what this was for when I uploaded it. I didn't think it would be useful for anything other than as a 3D print demo, I just made it to satisfy my curiosity. But if you check out comments below, guttyr discovered you can spin it up by blowing on it, and it can be used by speech therapists to help special needs kids get better at breath support and control.

Different parts of the spinner will spin depending where you blow on it, I'm still figuring which locations and angles work best. Maybe it'll help me too as I'm frequently out of breath when I'm at altitude or underwater.

It can be printed with a 0.5mm extrusion width and 2 perimeters without infill.

Printed in Atomic Filament Granite Grey PLA and Octave Precision Gold PLA*
New versions printed in Atomic Filament Starry Night PLA and 3D Solutech Transparent Blue PETG*

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  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP



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Adding changes in the material of squared rings, as copper / magnets / copper / magnets / copper... at to run spining may be generates fields by intake flux air... (?) Is just a very very quickly idea but... what if this works (?) 😅 Amazing design!