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ACME Robots

3D model description

Classic robot from a Bugs Bunny episode.

3D printing settings

UPDATE: I uploaded a new version of the bulb which has a base on it so it is easier to mount and glue.

I printed these using a Replicator 2 with PLA.

I usually print the big pieces first (body and head) then all the rest of the parts in a couple of separate batches.

I scaled each piece by 750% for the samples you see in the gallery.

Make sure all cylindrical parts are oriented with the flat face down on the build plate. Most of them all have a flat end and a curved end for mating with other parts.

The arms are the most work as they come in 6 pieces: shoulder, shoulder pin, upper arm, elbow, lower arm, and claw.

The shoulder pin can fit through the shoulder and when glued to the upper arm, will allow the arms to be posable.

You may have to shave the ends of the eyes or widen the hole slightly in order to get them to fit in nicely.

Everything needs to be glued except the shoulder and shoulder pin.

I recommend painting some of the smaller pieces like the gauge and power button before gluing.

I updated the body and head so that there is a small hole at the bottom of the head and a nib on the top of the neck to help align them when gluing. You will notice that the neck and head are not centred. This is on purpose to give it a bit of a chin. Make sure the eye sockets are in the general direction of the front of the body (the front of the body has a little rectangular grill sticking out on the bottom segment).

Also if you print the head upside down (that is, the top of the head should be on the build plate) then the top gets nice and flat and looks better.

I also softened up the eyes a bit and made them a bit rounder (the file is eye_rounder.stl). I kept the old eye.stl file there in case you like it better.

Sorry for all the separate pieces but it's the only way I know how to get the desired quality.

  • 3D file format: STL





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