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Accessory Pack for Spyda 500 Hexcopter

3D model description

An under-development pack of parts I've designed during my build of the Spyda 500 Hexcopter.

Stack Mount - Allows you to mount a standard 30.5x30.5mm stack of electronics to dead center of the "with relief" plate, which I utilized as the lower deck of my rig. There was enough room between decks for a PDB, FC, and VTX board, with some space left over.

Battery Tray - Designed around THIS battery pack, but should fit most sensibly sized packs. Designed to attach to any of the deck plates through the center hole, and two of the rear leg mounting holes. This places the battery directly over the center of gravity of the original design, assuming no other heavy accessories such as gimbals, etc. There is a hook loop for the battery lead to keep it from moving around and a pair of side slots for a velcro retaining strap.

Camera Tilter - Allows mounting of a 25x25mm Runcam clone with a 9g servo to change the angle, using some M2 hardware to mount servo and camera to thing, and M3 hardware to mount thing to either of the plate designs. The servo placement isn't ideal, and doesn't give as much angle throw as I would like, but I'm not an engineer and haven't yet come up with a better mechanism. I used a steel paperclip, bent to shape and cut to length, as linkage between the servo arm and the linkage hole on the camera surround.

GPS Mast - This is designed to mount on the upper deck, using the inner pair of mounting bolts from both front-most arms to mount it in place, and using the center hole between the legs as the wire conduit to get the UART wires into place inside the body. My GPS board is one salvaged from a commercial quadcopter, and has 30.5x20mm mounting holes, but could easily be used with standard foam tape mounting of a standard GPS module.

  • 3D file format: STL





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