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A Bit of Venice on the Warhammer 40k side!

3D model description

A while back now I started making a model of the Palazzo Ducale / Doge's Palace in Venice, and did enough for the front two sides, before realising it would take up too much space and getting on with something smaller.
Anyway, I was throwing a few unwanted bits out the shed the other day when I came across a few pieces and realised they looked rather Warhammer 40k ish. So here are the files in case anyone wants them, and if anyone wants the complete set of files for the Palace front (a selection of which are in the photo) please let me know.

25/8/17 - In a fit of organisation, I have now added what I think are all the rest of the files. Reminder - this is an unfinished project! Some day...

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Ian Harrison from London



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This was a surprize find but something I needed. Really pleased withthe discovery of it. Printing the arches in PLA did however, for me at least, require a thin raft or the fine detail in the upper windows just didn't adhere to the base. If I'd had a resin printer the results would have been markedly different, an the swear jar a bit lighter. BUT this is a remarkably fine set and worth the download even if just for the chapel windows. As it is I'm going to be using this in a diorama with a few minor adjustment to improve on the printing.
Am I happy with this, you betcha.