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6mm mech named the famous english archery weapon (4 var)

3D model description

I made a few changes to Ion Raptor's awesome model to bring it away from the Destroid Phalanx a bit and to better match BT loadouts. I have scaled them to be roughly the same volume as a MWO battlemaster (MWO BLR-1G at 46mm tall = 8.04cm2, while this model at 51.5mm tall = from 8.01cm2 to 8.07cm2 depending on the variant).

I included the 7Q (3025 mainstay, LRM 50), 7V (3056, 5 mpl +LRM/A 40), 12C (3061, LRM/A 70), and the 8V (3068, Arrow IV)

  • 3D file format: STL





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