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6mm mech named after the pointy thing on a bee (6L)

3D model description

I remixed the Stinger to make the Liao stealth version with no jumpjets. I tucked the lasers into the arms a bit, removed jumpjets (obv), and redid the head. There are minor armor changes throughout to try to give the mech a different feel and to slightly expand the torso for a bigger engine.

I have 4 versions. 1 regular (same stance as Minimalistix), 1 with a torso-twisted with one arm pointed out a bit more (scanning), 1 kneeling, and one that is testing the functionality of the stealth armor John Cena style (this one must have been captured from the Capellans as the chancellor would never allow such shenanigans).

  • 3D file format: STL





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